Why Bodywork?


  Horses need to be in the best possible condition if they are to perform to their full potential  

 Integrated Equine Bodywork is a combination of gentle manual muscle release techniques where the practitioner works with the horse, guided by their responses, to find and release the areas of accumulated tension that most affect their performance.  

  A build-up of tension will not only restrict free movement but it will also prevent the correct functioning of the body’s internal systems. Impairment to these essential elements of your horse’s well-being will also contribute to poor performance, poor health and even chronic disease. 


Bodywork sessions are often used to help deal with existing problems, but they can also be used as a means of preventative care, maximizing mobility and movement which, in turn, will minimize the occurrence of injury and maximise performance.  As the tension subsides the horse’s muscles will relax and soften, the blood and nerve supplies will increase and the lymphatic drainage will return to normal. Thus returning the horse to its natural state of homeostasis. It's not just the horses' physical well being that is affected,  horse that is physically relaxed, pain and restriction free will also be more mentally settled and amiable. 


Don't just call your bodyworker when there is a problem - make equine bodywork an essential part of your horses health and care programme!

Please remember:  Bodywork is NOT a replacement for veterinary assessment. 

Please consult your vet if you have any concerns about your horse’s physical well being 


Does my horse need a bodywork session?

  In a word: Yes!   

You know your horse better than anyone, have you noticed any of the following:   

· Changes in behaviour or attitude · Reduction in performance · One-sidedness, crookedness · Reluctance to canter on one rein · Bucking, bolting, refusing to jump · Rearing, kicking, biting, barging · Crooked tail, tail swishing · Not quite “working through” · Always dropping leg when jumping · Conformational defects · Uneven muscling or muscle atrophy · Arthritis · Recent or old injuries · The stress of regular competitions or an intense training regime · Saddle and tack issues · Shoeing and hoof issues · General wear and tear from just being a horse!   All of these will affect how your horse feels and its ability to work well. The first step to helping your horse is to help him be more comfortable and relaxed:  



The Masterson Method is unique

  There are many valid forms of equine bodywork, but for me, the Masterson Method™ gives the most consistent and long lasting results. Horses are encouraged to actively participate in the process and they really enjoy it!!    The unique style of the Masterson Method™ works with the horse to find and release areas of tension and restriction, leaving the horse relaxed, supple and able to perform at its best.  By avoiding the horse’s natural response to pain – i.e. to brace – this method of bodywork can delve deep into the core muscle areas and trigger the horse’s own healing mechanisms. There are many causes of stress and tension in a horse – from underlying physical issues to human imposed issues such as work levels and ill-fitting tack. When the horse’s attention is drawn to these areas the accumulated tension can be released allowing the horse to be more comfortable and so improve in mobility, attitude and performance.  

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