Full Session (one horse)

Full nose to tail session including summary sheet.

Can take 1 1/2 - 2 hours so bring warm clothing and something to occupy yourself if your boredom levels are low!


Group Discount (two or more horses)

Two or more horses at the same yard on the same day. 

Full session including summary sheet. 

£40 per horse

Please note: 

This form of bodywork is interactive, so your horse/pony needs to be in an enclosed area - preferably a stable - so they are free to move but are kept away from food.

Preferably have them clean and dry.

You are welcome to stay and watch, however its best if you do not interact with them during the session as this interrupts their focus on the practitioner.

They can be ridden up to two hours before a session but it is preferable that they are not ridden immediately before.

Also it is usually best for them to have a day off ,or at least an easy day, the day after a session so their body has time to adjust to its new freedom!. 

Why wait? Book a session today!

As a horse owner myself, I know there is nothing worse than realising your horse is uncomfortable and not being able to get someone in to help them for weeks on end.

At Combined Equine I try to see all clients within two-three weeks.

So, what are you waiting for???

Book today and your horse will love you for it!